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EFA Platform

The EFA Platform is the market leading, end-to end financial modeling, authoring, workflow, document management and distribution platform that delivers a clear cost/benefit win to your organisation.

It helps you create better quality, smarter research that will get your team noticed and hence drive revenues. We allow you to focus on the core competencies of your business by providing a platform that offers low cost and fast implementation, highly configurable and multi-lingual usage, full administrative suite and extensive APIs for downstream consumption of value-added content.

With regulatory changes, such as MiFID, 2 driving a shift towards higher value content, research providers now face the challenge of deriving more worth from their data and reusing content in imaginative ways. Here EFA’s market leading analytic functionality and configuration, in conjunction with extensibility through powerful APIs, provides the winning combination to leverage financial content.

The EFA Platform mission:

  • Create the highest level of functionality at the lowest price
  • Rapid response, development and innovation
  • No stress- make the complex easy
  • Partnership with our customers
  • Act with integrity at all times

EFA was awarded the Hong Kong ICT Bronze Award for Best Business Solution (Product) in 2014 for its EFA Platform.


This unique investor solution manages the entire investment process for hedge funds and family offices, including the capture and management of market data, evaluation of investment ideas, portfolio analysis, performance attribution, reconciliation and reporting.

Every investment process starts with an Idea and this is indeed where the EFAdrin process starts. Buy-side analysts need to evaluate investment Ideas and they do this with the help of brokers, market news and data and their own financial models. EFAdrin helps manage this analysis process and then stores the key metrics, such as target prices/fair values resulting for the analysis as a Target. A chief investment officer, portfolio manager or investment committee then evaluates all the Ideas & Targets in the context of fund’s existing/potential portfolio and based on this decides what trades to make.

EFAdrin captures all these trades (at this time we have done integrations with Bloomberg AIM and Linedata Beauchamp to automate this process) and clean them and books them into a clean data warehouse based on which we have been able to build a range of bespoke tools for live portfolio monitoring, reconciliation, reporting, performance attribution and risk management. Our key aim with these tools is to provide a fully customised and automated solution for every member of your investment team across the front and middle office.

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